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Being the innovative favorite company of the IT sector, which has succeeded in differentiating itself by providing solutions with competent human resources, customer-oriented processes and technologies that make life easier. Our mission: to position the Internet as an adaptive technology for everyone. Our policy: we use technology as a tool to improve customer satisfaction and service quality, process automation using human resources more effectively to provide positioning, and correct by analyzing the dynamics of the sector and user expectations while doing so, and continuous improvement efforts to be fully compliant with laws and the principle we are committed to adopt this approach in all our fields of activity


Hosting Services : Our hosting services include all kinds of domain registrations, hosting services required for your web pages ('Linux & Windows hosting') and dedicated server services.
E-Commerce Solutions : It is the realization of projects that will adapt your business activities to the Internet and realize all kinds of information and communication technologies in the virtual world. Electronic secure money transfer and structuring of payment channels are also one of our solutions.
Software solutions : these are our web-based computer software solutions that will allow you to perform your business processes faster on the internet. The technologies we use include PHP, ASP, .NET, JAVA, and database applications.
Dynamic content solutions : with our dynamic content solutions, we create all kinds of flash, activex and ajax components needed for your sites and integrate these components into your websites. In addition, the necessary optimization of your site for search engines and registration in search engines are among the solutions we offer.
Consulting and maintenance services : providing all kinds of support and maintenance services remotely or physically with the outsourcing management model of your Web pages and web-based platforms as a solution. All services offered by our company are covered by the service level guarantee (“SLA: service Level aggregation”).


Our goal is to be an innovative and distinguished company of the information sector that has managed to differentiate ourselves by offering solutions with competent human resources, customer-oriented processes and technologies that make life easier. In this sense, we develop ourselves with the philosophy of positioning the internet as an adaptable technology for everyone. We believe that technology is not to make life difficult, but to simplify it, and we constantly renew our infrastructure to offer this simplicity to our users. We install software solutions that provide full end-to-end automation and create business processes. Our only goal is to help everyone position the internet as a technology that they can adapt for themselves.


If we list the capabilities that distinguish RubikDC from other companies in the industry and make it different: If we list the capabilities that distinguish Rubikdc from other companies in the sector and make it different: All requests are handled with our automation system and are carried out without human intervention, which provides our users with a unique speed experience. The most up-to-date versions of all software constituting the infrastructure are used under license, so our users can access the latest blessings of technology at any time. An unconditional 7-day refund is offered in hosting services. Our processes are ITIL compliant (Information Technologies Infrastructure Library) and service is provided at world standards. You can call our support center over the web or by phone whenever you need it 24/7. Our servers are protected by IPS (Intrusion Prevention System). Our systems are monitored 24/7 by independent organizations and our technical team is informed of any transportation problem or service interruption. Updated versions that are compatible with each other are used in all of the software used in the operating systems of our servers, add-ons, panels and in our automation system. The use of the licensed current version in our software is among the strategic approaches of our company. We handle all requests and orders from our website with the WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete System) automation system. In addition, our automation system has been integrated with Cpanel and Plesk panels and end-to-end automation has been provided. Your payments are made 'online' with Garanti VPOS (Virtual Point Of Sales) system. As a result, as soon as any product is purchased, after the payment is made, the relevant configurations are realized in our server systems and your products are activated without any intervention. For after-sales support, although it is possible to get support 24/7 by phone, you can forward your calls ('tickets') to us with our automation system, and you can check the status of the calls you open on the system.


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